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Centralized Exchange
Altex is an organized marketplace for privately held alternative assets. Altex provides information platform and transaction process oversight for investors, asset owners and managers.

Market Access
Altex opens access to exclusive deals in alternative assets. The private listing board lists opportunities suitable for investors located worldwide.

Liquidity Pool
Altex enables buyers and sellers to execute transactions in less time, with greater efficiency, higher transparency, lower costs, and lower risks. 

Upcoming Events

Altex Group announces an investment conference V4 Startups in association with the partners the embassies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia; CzechInvest Investment and Business Development Agency, el Ninjo BV and Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. The conference will take place on September 25, 2014 in Rotterddam, Netherlands. For more information, please visit the conference website:


Altex and Equidam announce partnership to support growth companies in fundraising
Release date: 7/24/2014

The partnership gives growth companies listing on Altex platform a state-of-the-art valuation services provided by Equidam. 

Altex Group and its organizaing partners announce an investment conference V4 Startups in the Netherlands on September 25, 2014 in Rotterdam
Release date: 6/2/2014

Altex Group, together with embassies of V4 countries and the partners, co-organizes an investment conference event on September 25, 2014. The purpose of the conference is to facilitate exchanges between up-and-coming startups and growth companies from Central Europe and the Dutch investment community.

Altex expands its fund interests coverage
Release date: 4/29/2014

Further expansion of the fund interests in the Netherlands segment/Launch on 1 August 2014

V4 Startups
V4 Startups is a proprietary platform for Private Equity and Venture Capital Opportunities in Central Europe.

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