V4 Startups & Scale-ups event: Overview and Winner Announcement

Altex Group, on behalf of the organizing partners, is pleased to announce the winners of the V4 Startups & Scale-ups event. The jury selected the winners among more than 20 presenting finalists. The awards were 4x ING Workshop Award, 4x Ernst & Young  Workshop Award and the main price was the participation at the Investor Tour the next day during Startup Fest official opening in Amsterdam Stock Exchange. 


On the 23rd of May 2016  a talented pool of more than 20 entrepreneurs from the countries of  theVisegrad Group, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia  came to the Netherlands to introduce innovative companies to an audience of investors, corporates and governmental representatives.  This  2nd edition of the event took place in Rotterdam Sience Tower, and was specifically organized to showcase investment opportunities in high-growth companies and SMEs in Central Europe. 


 This year the event was part of StartUpFest Europe and keynote adresses were made by Constantijn van Oranje (Prince of the Netherlands,Chairman of StartupFest Europe) and Don Ginsel (Founder of Holland Fintech). The event was moderated by Keith Wallace of the Investeerdersclub. The jury decided on the following winners.


Winners of the ING Workshop Award

Slovakia: Lurity

Hungary: Mosaic Lights

Poland: LiveCall

Czech Republic: Runecast


Winners of the EY Workshop Award

Slovakia: Croptech

Hungary: Mosaic Lights

Poland: SemiOne

Czech Republic: MyStay


Winner of the StartUpFest Investor Tour: Mosaic Lights

Further information can be found on the event website which can be found by clicking here.


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