Altex expands its fund interests coverage

Further expansion of the fund interests in the Netherlands segment/Launch on 1 August 2014

Altex Group, operator of alternative assets exchange and information platform, is expanding its alternative fund stake segment in the Netherlands. Effective August 1, 2014, a new asset class addition to AxFI listing board for private fund interests will be fully available to Altex market participants. The new asset class covers small to mid-sized private investment funds that are active in alternative sectors. Specifically, the board will serve funds with exposure to private high-growth and special opportunities in emerging markets, sustainable and ethical business, innovation, technology and public alternatives. Altex screens prospective funds by measures of investment strategy, track record, management team, and considerations of sustainability and ethics. 

The new board provides market participants with information coverage and market access to dynamic investment segment with professional management. The purpose of this addition is to facilitate access to private alternative segment that is not available through public channels. The professional management of the underlying assets offers an attractive and cost-efficient market exposure. On the sell-side, fund managers benefit from increased visibility and market information feedback, including market-based pricing indications and liquidity interest. 

The AxFI private alternative funds complement the existing offering of public closed-end funds and selected open-ended funds currently listed on AxFI board. The new offering provides further important alternative segment that is not covered in public funds, predominantly the small to mid-sized alternative sectors with high-growth prospects. 

The launch of the asset class is supported by market information program in which prospective funds will obtain market interest indication and liquidity benchmarking during the initial stages following the board listing. 


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