Altex Group and its organizing partners announce an investment conference V4 VC in Rotterdam

Altex Group, together with embassies of V4 countries and the partners, co-organizes an investment conference. The purpose of the conference is to facilitate exchanges between up-and-coming startups and growth companies from Central Europe and the Dutch investment community.

Altex Group, together with the Embassies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and with the organizing partners, announce the V4 Start-ups conference on September 25, 2014 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. V4 Startups in the Netherlands is a networking and information platform showcasing innovative startups and other investment opportunities from the dynamic sectors of V4 countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 

V4 is an alliance of four countries in Central Europe - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. V4 bloc encompasses sizable and growing market of 65 million people, ranking 15th in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Over the past 6 years annual economic growth reached 2.5% compared to 0.5% for the rest of the EU*. The region features increasingly competitive market environment and attractive growth opportunities in the EU. 

V4 economies offer unique investments in fast-growing but overlooked markets. The economies of V4 significantly outpace the rest of Europe and attract increasing volume of private investments. V4 startups present the opportunities to capitalize on growth in the most dynamic segments in the fast-paced emerging Europe. The goal of the event is to promote ambitious culture of entrepreneurship in V4 economies and to facilitate communication, information exchange, investment and corporate partnerships between the Netherlands and the V4 region. 

Altex Group operates an information platform dedicated to emerging market opportunities. Interested parties are welcome to inquire about current offerings and opportunities focused on emerging Europe.

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