Altex and Equidam announce partnership to support growth companies in fundraising

The partnership gives growth companies listing on Altex platform a state-of-the-art valuation services provided by Equidam. 

Altex Group, an independent private assets exchange, and Equidam, the leading provider of cloud technology for valuation of SMEs officially announce partnership to support growth companies in fundraising. The partnership will help the Altex listed companies to increase their transparency and enhance information disclosure for prospective investors. 

Equidam service integrates into Altex transaction execution by providing independent assessment of the company valuation. Combining respective expertise in the transaction execution and information disclosure creates synergies that lead to higher market efficiency and better-informed decisions. 

Altex Alternative Exchange and Equidam recognize the importance of creating a trustworthy investment environment. In the alternative investment segment, trust and transparency are paramount. To attract and retain investors, transaction platforms need to take all the necessary steps to offer high-quality opportunities and investment tools for investors to be confident in making the right investment decision. By providing a clear and objective view of the startup value, Equidam improves communication between entrepreneurs and investors and fosters information transparency on Altex platform. This supports more efficient outcome for all stakeholders.


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