AXS Markets Overview

AXS Markets provides a market infrastructure for direct transaction execution. AXS Markets develops for each market participant a suite of services for the efficient transactions related to capital raising and liquidity. 

Service components

Cases for AXS Markets added value 

  • Companies and asset holders
    Raising capital
    Asset/equity sale, exit strategy and monetization
    Asset certification and screening for market placement
    Pricing indication, market feedback and investor visibility
    Investor base diversification
    Risk management
    Liquidity program for employee shares or illiquid asset holdings

  • Fund managers
    Fundraising for new/existing investment funds
    Secondary offerings
    Liquidity for existing stakeholders
    Exit/entry for portfolio assets 

  • Investors
    Liquidity for private assets 

AXS Markets services

  • Information disclosure
    Central information hub for communication and sharing of verified and up-to-date information. Listing board offers investor visibility for the listed assets while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of information.

  • Process oversight
    AXS Markets oversees streamlined disclosure and execution process to ensure impartial and orderly processing.

  • Listing board and asset certification
    Listing board offers visibility to qualified investor members. AXS Markets provides independent screening and monitoring services that certify quality standards of assets admitted to AXS Markets listing boards.

  • Primary placement
    Market infrastructure for direct primary placement, capital raising, and fundraising capacity.

  • Secondary placement
    Secondary market infrastructure for liquidity of existing instruments, including equity stakes, private credit, and fund interests.

  • Market feedback - pricing indication and liquidity benchmarking
    AXS Markets facilitates price discovery and estimates the indicative target benchmarking for placements or execution. Market feedback services include pricing indication and liquidity benchmarking. 

  • Liquidity solutions
    In cooperation with market participants, AXS Markets develops tailored liquidity solutions for the needs of holders of illiquid assets. Examples of liquidity solutions include the monetization of employee shares, bankruptcy claims, intellectual property, or physical assets. 

Information for Market Participants

Additional information

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