AXS Markets provides market infrastructure for direct transaction execution.

Listing Board

AXS Markets Europe is an exchange-regulated listing board that offers access to capital with streamlined listing requirements and execution. AXS Markets certifies the quality of transactions, provides objective valuation, safeguards information, and assures orderly execution. AXS Markets lowers costs by eliminating intermediaries and eliminating duplicities in screening and information production. In a centralized exchange both investors and sellers can achieve better outcomes. 

Eligible Instruments

Equity shares (commercial companies)
Investment fund interests
Private debt and debt-like securities


Centralized information platform with execution
AXS Markets connects assets with their investors and provides execution support, including disclosure, clearing and transfer services.  AXS Markets simplifies and standardizes deal flow and shortens execution time.

Liquidity pool
AXS Markets builds an international investment market for alternative assets. Investors and corporate sellers gain new opportunities to enter and exit investments in less time, with greater efficiency, lower costs, and lower risks.

Access to private markets
AXS Markets maintains a standardized deal flow and disclosure for transparent and confidential execution. The AXS Markets Europe board connects the investment opportunities and with capital resources.

Lower transaction costs and lower risks
AXS Markets reduces direct and indirect transaction costs and cuts down execution time.

Dedicated support and local expertise
AXS Markets offers personal support and guidance from deal origination through closing. Market participants receive on-the-ground support from certified independent advisors and experienced AXS Markets professionals.

Confidentiality, privacy and transparency
AXS Markets protects confidentiality of listed investments while providing full transparency to prospective investors. Market participants fully control access to transaction information.